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Committed To Quality. Committed To You.

Melgiri emphasises on compliance with respect to quality and statutory laws, as the safety of the structures is entirely dependent on the quality standards adopted for respective services.

Melgiri adheres to IEEE standards, NBC (National Building Code) and Fire Safety Code. For every project, Melgiri only recommends products that are certified by ISI (Indian Standards Institution) or BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) or higher.

For PHE (Public Health Engineering) services, including Plumbing and Sanitation works, Melgiri recommends adoption of Uniform Plumbing codes as directed IAPMO, to administer the installation and inspection of plumbing systems towards enhancing the peoples’ health, welfare and safety. These codes of practice attempt to minimise risk by specifying technical standards of design, materials, workmanship and maintenance for plumbing systems.

Melgiri ensures everyone in the project adheres to best practices from the design stage till the execution of project, across various teams of professionals through effective communication and documentation.

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